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Junior Auxiliary of Russellville

Health Projects

KIDS IN MOTION – A fun and educational program at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club which teaches healthy nutrition and exercise habits.  Activities include an obstacle course, relay races, karate, dance, Zumba lessons, and other games.  A healthy snack is provided.  We may also provide door prizes and a goodie bag for every child that is present. Crown Club members are invited to help. Approximately 300 children are served.

FOOD PANTRY FOOD DRIVE – Prior to Spring Break, JA will host a food drive to restock the food pantry at UE5G to help with the food given out during spring break. Spring break is a time that students are home without a lot of resources and the food pantry runs out in early spring. Overflow items may be donated to other RSD schools based on need.

FOOD FOR KIDS HELPING HANDS – River Valley Food for Kids has a summer program that prepares food bags for students and distributes in the surrounding areas. They are requesting members to help on a few Monday mornings in late summer to prepare the food bags and then a few members to help with the distribution on different days

COOKING WITH KIDS– Helping River Valley Food for Kids with their new program, teaching kids how to make easy recipes at home. Each family takes home ingredients to make the meal at home. JA members help setup/clean up and are at each table to help relay and be an example for the chef while they teach. This provides an excellent opportunity to be in front of the kids that need our help while offering another organization assistance. 

SCHOOL HYGIENE BOXES – This project provides necessary supplies for the school nurses in the Russellville School District.  These supplies include, but are not limited to, lice kits, chapstick, deodorant, underwear, socks, sanitary napkins, peppermints.  Supplies are delivered to the RSD Nursing Supervisor to distribute among the school nurses.  Grades K – 12 benefit from this project.

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