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Junior Auxiliary of Russellville

Community Education Projects

ABC - Words of Affirmation Build Character– JA would come to paint positive quotes and decorate the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms at Crawford Elementary in the months of June or July. JA will supply the paint, supplies, and the work force! Other RSD schools could participate in the following years.

CYCLONE ACHIEVER –  JA will assume the responsibility for arranging and hosting a reception for students, parents, faculty and administration at the conclusion of the Cyclone Achiever Awards Program, which is held in April each year at Russellville High School.

PROJECT SCHOOL SUPPLIES/BACKPACKS FOR KIDS – JA provides school supplies for students in the Russellville School District (K-5) who do not have the funds for supplies. The supplies are taken from the published school supply list and include backpacks. The students are identified by the school counselors. In addition, we will partner with another agency to include a back to school stuff the bus campaign to help the school district overall with supplies. In conjunction with project school supplies JA will purchase and deliver new backpacks for students that are part of the supplemental food program for students at RSD schools as needed.

TEACHER ASSISTED GRANTS (TAG) – TAG provides opportunities for teachers in the Russellville School District to apply for grant funding for innovative projects within their classroom that the district cannot fiscally support. These projects allow the teachers to remain innovative in nature and still maintain the requirements placed on them by the state.  It also instills a sense of wonder in students as they are able to accomplish projects that otherwise would not have access to.  The direct benefit is to the students. 

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