Junior Auxiliary of Russellville

Child Welfare Projects

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE/ CYCLONE CARE FUND–  JA will provide a $2000 monetary donation to the RSD to help in meeting the immediate emergency needs of families in the district. RSD will provide receipts to show how the funds are used. The remaining money will be allocated for families with children who require assistance in the areas of shelter, food, utilities and health care. Families assisted must reside in the Russellville School district. Monies will be paid by JA directly to utilities, etc., and not to the individual(s).

FOSTERING HOPE – JA will reach out to DHS to determine the needs of their inventory and the foster children for a potentially new project each year or update supplies from past projects. This is the most effective way to meet their ever changing needs.

JA LUNCH BUDDIES – A lunch buddy is a caring and supportive adult who offers elementary students ongoing guidance and emotional support for their personal and academic growth. Each JA member will make a commitment to meet their “lunch buddy” at assigned schools for 30 minutes to 1 hour per month during lunch time, specifically between September and April. Current schools are Dwight and Oakland Heights with the option of expanding to other local schools in the future. Members are required to meet with children a minimum of 7 times per school year during their monthly lunch meetings, with a maximum of 2 lunches per month; if unable to meet this requirement member shall request board approval for a substitute. This will meet NAJA’s child welfare project standards.

PROJECT ATHENA – ATHENA identifies young women who have potential for greatness but may not have the support and guidance at home to validate and encourage them. The project is an afterschool session or sessions to address the needs of 11-12 year old children in terms of mental, physical, and emotional health and empowerment.  JA provides snacks, drinks and goodie bags. Approximately 100+ served.


SCHOOL CLOTHING EMERGENCY – To provide monetary assistance to meet the emergency medical, clothing, eye glasses and/or school related needs in the Russellville School District and ARVAC Head Start. This is the heart of our organization. Many children are helped through this project.

STOCK THE CLOSET – The Child welfare chairperson will send out an email prior to each month’s meeting indicating an item consistently needed for clothing emergency cases. This project helps alleviate the financial burden of the school clothing emergency projects. Organization, cleaning and inventory of the clothes closet are also an administrative part of this project. Members can earn ½ hour per month for donations with a maximum of 3 hours per year. Hundreds are served through this project. Items donated may be used for children or seniors

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